Camera Based Vision Inspection systems

Camera Based Vision Inspection System are advance Automation Solution specifically designed to optimize and automate manufacturing processes for quality control. We are using advance Camera Technology and Software to ensure that your product is assembled correctly and does not contain any defects or missing components, correctness of other Visual Inspection Parameters, Tracking, and Sorting that may be otherwise difficult & at risk when performed by humans. Using Machine Vision can dramatically reduce waste by detecting process flaws early in the production process.

From conveyor systems to Image Processing software, Add Innovation offers the complete vision automation solutions for almost every industry where there is a need for quality check or be it defects inspection.

This system can verify following:

  • Part Presence & Orientation
  • Thread Presence / Absences
  • Inspects Cap and Label Presence & Position
  • Reading (OCV/OCR) of Sr. No, MRP etc.
  • Date, Batch number Presence.
  • Separation of Parts based on Color.
  • Dimension Measurement & Segregation
  • Alignment Feedback & Robot Guidance.
  • Presence of Safety Seals on Bottles/Boxes