Injector Inspection System

(Concept applicable for other Products also)

Application- Injector Inspection For Angle Measurement, Saddle position, Batch Code Verification, Magnet cover  Presences, Data Matrix code reading, O Ring Presences, NR Nut & Copper Washer Presence

Criticality – Multiple Things to be identified with Camera

Due to this it was necessary that, Proper selection of number of cameras, camera positions , camera resolution and selection of other parameters was very critical.

Solution By TechnoVision

O3 Nos. of cameras where selected for the Inspection System. Visualization software is developed in Dot Net with SQL Database & SDK software. One Camera was mounted from the top side. This Camera is inspecting Angle Measurement, Saddle Position, Batch Code Verification, Magnet Cover Presences, Data Matrix code reading. Other Two camera’s where installed from the side, these are inspecting O Ring Presences, NR Nut & Copper Washer Presence.