Air Filter Assembly Line

Application- Complete Conveyor Line for Air Filter Assembly along with Bins for Parts, Sensors & X-Ray Machine to have Poka-Yoke system.

Criticality – Customer expectation was to have Complete Record & Matching of Total Number of Quantity of different parts were taken from Store for assembly & Total Number of Air Filters were manufactured.

System Details & Features –

  • PLC – Make – Siemens, S7 series Logic controller.
  • HMI – Siemens

Solution By Technovision

We have given Individual Sub Parts Bin along with Sensor. Whenever operator picks these parts from the Bin, it will get counted in the PLC System. This count will also be shown on Big Display as PICK COUNT mounted in the Assembly Shop. When the complete Air Filter is get assembled, it will be pass through the X-Ray machine. This machine will detect each part mounted inside the Air Filter. This each part will be again counted by PLC system & will also display on Big Board as ACTUAL. Everyone can easy able to see the difference or matching between PICK & ACTUAL sub parts. If some parts are missing in the Air Filter assembly it will automatically get rejected. Faulty air filter will not go to customer there by improving the Quality & Brand Image of the company.

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