Automatic Clutch Testing Rig

Application- To identify missing Spring, Pressure Plate, Friction Plate, Drag Generation  in the Clutch. (Concept applicable for other Products also)

Criticality – As multiple parameters to detect, proper selection of sensing instruments was very important.


Clutch will be mounted on the shaft. Servo based cylinder with Donate Type Load cell

Solution By TechnoVision

We have used Special type of Load cell to identify the missing springs & drag generation. LVDT is used to detect the missing Pressure & Friction Plate. Proper Servo based mechanism is used to test the clutch. In house our engineer has done PLC & HMI Programming.

System Details & Features –

PLC – Make – Rockwell Automation, Micrologix 1400 controller.

HMI – Rockwell Automation.

Donate Type Load Cell- To identify Pressure on the clutch – If any spring is missing required load shall not be generated.

LVDT – Shall be checking the traveling of cylinder – As we need to create required pressure in given distance traveling of cylinder. This will be also useful to identify missing friction or pressure plate

Back Side S type Load Cell – To identify any drag or transfer of load on the shaft.