Automatic Sand Filling in Fuse

Application- Automatic Filling of Sand of required quantity in different size fuses (Concept applicable for other Products also)

Criticality – Required amount of sand to be filled in given time. Continuous & in certain way shaking of fuses was very much necessary to get required quality of Fuse. Also it was important to maintain the TAKT time to achieve the production schedule.


Solution By TechnoVision

We have design the machine in 2 sections, 20 Fuses in one section. System will fill sand in 1 section – 20 fuses at a time & than in second section. Proper Mechanism & PLC program was develop for systematic Shaking to get perfect quality of fuse. Also special heating system developed for sand for free flowing. Complete machine has been designed in-house by our design team. In house our engineer has done PLC & SCADA Programming.

System Details & Features –

PLC – Make – Siemens, S7 series Logic controller.

HMI – Siemens