Automatic Terminal Assembly Machine

Application- Automatic Assembly of Terminal Box using 3 different sub components. (Concept applicable for other Products also)


Criticality – There were 3 Sub Parts of different shapes & size. We need to assembly them in specific sequence & angle. At the same time we have to maintain the TAKT time to maintain the production schedule.

Solution By TechnoVision

We have design the machine to do the assembly of 2 components at a time. Vibrators are used to feed the parts to indexing mechanism.  Pneumatic cylinders along with Grippers were used to pick & place the parts in the fixture mounted on the indexing plate. Servo drives are used to get the specific angle to mount the component. Complete machine has been designed in-house by our design team. In house our engineer has done PLC & HMI Programming.

System Details & Features –

PLC – Make – Siemens, S7 series Logic controller.

HMI – Siemens