Bar Code Tracking System ( Pharma )

To avoid the Packing of Wrong Medicine in the Box

Application- To avoid the Packing of Wrong Medicine in the Box.

Criticality – Number of Recipes were around 500. As number of products were more. There was chance of mixing of products.

System Details –

  • Camera – Make – Cognex – Model – 200 Series, Fixed Mount Scanner.
  • PLC & HMI – Renu Electronics.

Solution By TechnoVision

System was design by Technovision Design team. In house our engineer has done Scanner/Camera, PLC, HMI Programming, and Integration with Rejection Mechanism.

Operator has to select the required recipe through HMI. When Box comes on the conveyor & passes through Scanner/Camera, it reads the bar code & compare with the selected recipe. If Box is OK system will allow it pass on conveyor. If product is NOT OK, system will reject it through rejection cylinder. System will give audio visual alarm.