Bar Code Tracking System (POKY-YOKE System)

To Mark & Track the Pump Parts for proper traceability

Application- To avoid the mixing of Pump Parts during the Manufacturing process & also during assembly at end users plant.

Criticality – Need of Automatic selection of Recipe for different Pump Parts. Bar Code scanning system has to integrate & communicate with Laser Machine & Robotic Arm

System Details –

Camera – Make – Cognex – Model – 200 Series, Fixed Mount Scanner.

PLC & HMI – Siemens.

Laser machine – Etchon

Robotic Arm – Yaskawa.

Solution By TechnoVision

System was design by Technovision Design team. In house our engineer has done Camera, PLC, HMI Programming, and Integration with Laser Printer & Robotic Arm. Proper recipes were prepared for different Pump Parts variants.

When operator kept the parts in the fixture, automatically system detects the proper parts & its recipes get selected automatically. Due to this manual errors of wrong recipe selection gets avoided. Laser machines marks the Bar Code on the parts. Camera/scanner scans the bar code, if it is OK. System gives appropriate signal to Robotic Arm to either select or reject the part.