Bar Code Tracking System – Silencer Manufacturing

Bar Code Tracking System ( To meet the BS4 norms for Silencer Manufacturer)

Application- To avoid the mixing of CAT (Catalyst Converter) during the Silencer Manufacturing process along with the Verification of Silencer Leakages.

 Criticality – As Number of Silencer Variants were very high, due to this there was lot of chances of mixing of CAT of different silencer. Even the size & shape of some of the CATs were same. Due to this, manually it was very difficult to keep the track, that proper CAT is fitted in proper silencer. There was government action on manufacturer, if pollution norms were high due to wrong CAT in wrong Silencer.

Process Details –

Solution By TechnoVision

System was design by Technovision Design team. In house our engineer has done Camera, PLC, HMI Programming, and Integration with Dot Pin / Laser Printer. Proper recipes were prepared for different Silencer variants. Proper control were kept on Manufacturing Process along with Leakage Testing by providing different interlocks & alarm to operators at required stages.

System Details –

Camera – Make – Cognex – Model – 200 & 8000 Series, Fixed Mount & Hand Held Scanners.

PLC & HMI – Siemens.