Drip Hole Inspection

Application- Drip Hole Inspection, to inspect the hole coming on pipe for 1. Hole presence/Absence   2. Hole is open or blocked. 3. Position of hole. Inspection was to be done on running conveyor. Also Orientation of Pipe to get proper hole position.


Criticality – Inspection Speed around 150 to 200 Holes / Min.

Due to this high speed it was very difficult to inspect the holes by human eye, which will also affect the productivity. There was chances of going wrong quality pipes to Customer. This is not good for company brand value.

Solution By TechnoVision

We have given Camera System along with PLC, HMI. The system identify, whether the hole at proper position or not. It also gives X-Y coordinate to the PLC system which position the running pipe to keep the hole to be punch at required position.


System Details –

Camera – Make – Cognex – Model – 5000 Series with Patmax Tools.

HMI – – Make – Cognex   – Model – VISIONVIEW 900

PLC & HMI – Unitronics.