Soap Inspection Machine

Concept applicable for other Products also

Application- Soap Inspection for Logo, Shape, Additional soap particles & Foreign Particle.

Criticality – Inspection Speed around 300 to 400 Soap/ Min.

Due to this high speed it was very difficult to inspect the soaps by human eye, which will also affect the productivity. There was chances of going wrong quality soaps to Customer. Being the premium soap it was not good for company brand value.

Solution By TechnoVision

Complete Soap Inspection Machine was Design by Technovision Design team. In house our engineer has done Camera, PLC, HMI Programming & also develop Conveyor, Rejection Mechanism & other related Mechanical system.

System Details

  • Camera – Make – Cognex – Model – 5000 Series with Patmax Tools
  • HMI – – Make – Cognex – Model – VISIONVIEW 900
  • PLC & HMI – Rockwell
  • Conveyor System – In-house Developed.
  • Robotic Arm – Yaskawa.