Suntrac Panel – Save Energy in Refrigeration system

The Technical Description

The SunTrac Hybrid Climate System is a renewable energy method of adding pressure and heat to the refrigeration cycle which results in a decreased/displaced compressor workload, saving energy. This solar thermal system displaces a portion of the mechanical energy used by various compressor types, including single speed compressors w/VFD’s, variable capacity, multi-stage, and variable speed compressors. The compressor then can operate at low stage, low range or low capacity, while delivering full and part-load cooling requirements, creating significant energy savings of 25% to 40% per year, or more.

About Suntrac Panel

  • Sun Track Panel works on Solar Energy. This panel is connected in between Compressor and Condenser. Compressor outlet is connected to the panel inlet and panel outlet is connected to the condenser inlet.
  • Refrigerant Gas coming out of compressor passes through Sun track Panel & enters into Condenser. In Sun track Panel, with the help of Solar Energy, this Refrigerant Gas is further heated up, this process also increasing its pressure. As per HVAC standard, Condenser Capacity is always 25% more than Compressor because of higher heat rejection factor. Here we are taking advantage of that extra 25% capacity of condenser. Due to increase in Temperate & Pressure, refrigerant enters in condenser with high velocity. This help system in faster sub cooling, the refrigerant is sub cooled before entering the evaporator through metering device (Expansion valves).
  • Hence the refrigerant is sub cooled , the refrigerant requirement to the evaporator is less, since the refrigerant entering in the evaporator is less, the vapor which are going back to the compressor for compression are also less. Hence work load on compressor is reduced. Compressor runs on lower frequency & thus saves energy.


  • It saves 25 % to 40 % Energy – How it saves energy explained above.
  • ROI – Return on Investment is within 24 to 30 Months. Panel can be further used for many more years.
  • Suntrac Panel is 90 % Space saving. – Normal Solar panel of size 8 X 4 Feet generates the energy of around 330 to 360 watts. Suntrac Panel of the same size connected to 8.5TR Air Conditioning system saves energy upto 2 to 84 KW.
  •  Avoids Derating of Air Conditioning System – All our Air Conditioning Equipment’s are designed as per ARI conditions. ARI conditions are 35 Deg C Dry Bulb & 24 Deg. C wet bulb. & inside conditions are 27 Deg. C Dry Bulb & 19 Deg. C wet bulb. In summer, during high ambient air cooled HVAC system derate. Due to this Air Conditioning system does not cool the area to required temperature. Since the Suntrac Panel is doing part load of compressor, compressor always run on partial load, hence during capacity demand the compressor can run upto full capacity. Due this we can achieve the desired conditions. Thus avoid derating of the complete Air Conditioning system.
  •  Compressor Failure Reduced – During high ambient the condenser IN goes as high as 48 to 49 Deg. C, add 10 Deg. C, the condensing temp rises upto 58 to 59 deg. C. During such high condensing temp. The refrigerant entering into the compressor are also at higher temp (10 to 12 Deg. F super heat differential.) If system runs for long time, in such high super heat temp. There is a possibility of Scroll Compressor failure. Since the Suntrac Panel is doing part load of compressor, compressor always run on partial load. Helps to keep Super Heat in required band which helps to avoid compressor failure.

Additional Benefits.

  • Warranty – 5 Year warranty on Suntrac panel.
  • Modulated Solar Energy – When required cooling temp achieved. Compressor runs on lower speed. Required Delta T achieved across the condenser. Expansion valve at minimum opening. In this condition, Suntrac Panel automatically shut off by covering the Glass tubes with parabolic mirrors. Which stops the heating of Refrigerant. (It operated on modulated solar energy).
  •  Also Works in Night – During night hours it will act as additional condenser. Which will also help saving energy by reducing load on condenser.
  •  AMC – Zero AMC Cost / No Maintenance – We just need to wipe the Glass Panel to clean the dust on the panel
  •  Less Internal Power Consumption – Suntrac Panel Motor runes on 12/24 V Power, consumes very less energy.


  1. Chiller Systems
  2. Package / Split Units
  3. Mini / Multi Split Units
  4. Variable Speed / Multi-Stage
  5. Variable Capacity
  6. Integrates With Your NEW Equipment Installations , And Also With
  7. EXISTING Systems Upgrades
  8. Compatible With Most High Efficient HVAC Equipment’s.